Sanitary Pumps



  • Polished 316L SS construction (passivated stainless steel)
  • Sizes available: 1”, 1 ½” e 2” (3” under development)
  • Connection available: Tri-clamp®, DIN or SMS
  • PTFE (FDA and USP class VI ) and Buna diaphragm options available
  • Swivel stand available
  • Easy cleaning valve system
  • Suitable for sanitary & hygienic applications
  • Advanced and efficient air valve
  • Handles a wide variety of fluids including viscous and with solid parts
  • Delicate handling of sensitive products
  • Self priming and dry run ability without damage
  • Suitable for CIP (clean in place ) & SIP (steam / sterilize in place)
  • Engineered to meet the highest standards and requirements in the industry
  • Multiple certificate levels available under request
  • Main applications: food, beverage, dairy, personal care and pharmaceutical

Technical Data

Max Capacity: 480 l/min
Max Head: 7 bar
Max Suction Lift – Dry Condition: 4,5 m (Rubber Diaphragm)
3 m (PTFE Diaphragm)
Max Suction Lift – Wet Condition: 7,3 m (Rubber Diaphragm)
5 m (PTFE Diaphragm)
Max Viscosity: 10.000 cps (mPas)
Temperature Limits: -10 ÷ 100 °C
Contacts surfaces: Ra 8.0 μm (Polished)
Max Particle Size: 6,3 mm
Air Inlet Pressure: 3 ÷ 7 bar
Size available: 1” e 2”
(3” under development)
Connections available: Tri-clamp®, DIN or SMS

Wetted Parts Material

Polished SS316L
Model Body Diaphragm Ball Valve Valve Seat O-Ring
STT Polished SS316L PTFE + Neoprene PTFE Polished SS316L PTFE
SBT Polished SS316L Buna PTFE Polished SS316L PTFE


  • The above data refer to a positive suction head operating with water at room temperature.
  • All the information indicated may vary without notice.
by Realizzazione Siti Vicenza