Basket Strainers

How many times has happened to find a pump broken or damaged due to a piece of wood, of a bolt or for any others foreign body accidentally ended up in the piping of the plant?

The AirTECH Basket Strainers is the ideal solution to solve this problem and ensure the best possible operating conditions to the pumps. We offer a complete range of basket strainers starting from size 1” up to 8”.


The AirTECH Basket Strainer, installed on the suction side of the pump, allows to filter solid parts of each type, algae, filaments, thickened and lumps, avoiding that they can damage the pump or the plant system.

The Basket Strainer is made completely of polypropylene without any metal part, therefore is suitable for use even in chemically aggressive environments of each type of industry.

The “Easy-Cleaning” system allows to open easily and quickly the upper part of the filter for a quick inspection and in order to facilitate the removal of the basket for cleaning.


The AirTECH Basket Strainer ensures the best protection for all types of pumps: starting from air-operated double diaphragm pumps up to centrifugal magnetic drive pumps or with mechanical seal, but can also be applied to many others type.

The main fields of application for this important accessory is for example the Waste Water Treatment, where often you do not know the exact fluid that you have to pump and the Textile & Tanning industry, considering the possible presence of filaments or leather scraps.

Moreover there are many applications even in Chemical Industry, where you can accidentally enter in the piping some solid parts like bolts, stones or others; and the Timber Industry and Paper-Mill where the presence of cellulose’s thickened, pieces of wood and metal parts can surely create problems to the system of the pumps.

Technical Data

Body Materials: Polypropylene

Basket Material: Polypropylene

O-Ring Material: Viton

Size Available: 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”

Opening System: Easy-Cleaning

Mesh Size: 2 mm of round particles or mesh 2 x 3,5mm

Options: Flanges Kit