Flap Valve Pumps



  • Flap valve pump can handle solid parts virtually at the same size of the suction port
  • Non-metallic construcion (GFPP body)
  • Suitable for liquids which contain large and irregular particles
  • Top-suction / bottom-discharge design to easily handling of solid parts: the gravity force helps to keep clean the flap valves
  • Advanced and efficient air valve
  • Self priming and dry run ability without damage
  • Easy access to the flap valve (bolted cover valve for a rapid inspection)
  • In line maintenance without removing the pump from installation
  • Clamped construction for a quick disassembly
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Main applications: slaughtering, mining , steel mill, livestock farm, waste water treatment

Technical Data

Max Capacity:550 l/min
Max Head:7 bar
Max Suction Lift – Dry Condition:4,5 m (Rubber Diaphragm)
3 m (PTFE Diaphragm)
Max Suction Lift – Wet Condition:6 m (Rubber Diaphragm)
4,2 m (PTFE Diaphragm)
Max Viscosity:6.000 cps (mPas)
Temperature Limits:0 ÷ 79 °C (PP)
-10 ÷ 100 °C (PVDF, SS, AL)
Max Particle Size:45 mm
Air Inlet Pressure:3 ÷ 7 bar
Suction Port:2” BSP Flanged / Threaded
Discharge Port:2” BSP Flanged / Threaded
Air Inlet Port:½” BSP Threaded

Wetted Parts Material


ModelBodyDiaphragmFlap ValveValve SeatO-Ring


  • The above data refer to a positive suction head operating with water at room temperature.
  • All the information indicated may vary without notice.