Quick Fastener Connections

Very often Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps are used in different parts of the plant, therefore the disassembly procedures of the pipes should be as easy as possible. Nothing easier than using the AirTECH Quick Fastener Connections.


All AirTECH Quick Fastener Connection are equipped with the “Easy-Opening System” that allows to disassemble and reassemble without using any tools.

This system thus appears to be user-friendly and also very practical because allows to reduce the time of assembly procedure and in addition also to reduce the maintenance costs and downtime.

Moreover, the availability of threaded connections and hose connections make this system a very flexible and easily adaptable to every request and any type of pipe.

AirTECH offers a full range of Quick Fastener Connections starting from a diameter of 1/2” until reaching the diameter of 4”. They are available in different materials to guarantee a perfect chemical resistance with any type of fluid and meet any application request.


The AirTECH Quick Fastener Connections are widely used also to connect pieces of pipes of different lengths in order to reach the desired distances. In this way it is possible to use the Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps in some different applications of the plant and, at the same time, you can have a considerable flexibility of use.

Moreover, all AirTECH Quick Fastener Connections are standardized by international standards. Therefore can also be applied on other pumps, pipes and accessories already installed in the plant. In this way is also possible to unify all the pipes’ connections making them flexible to every requirement.

Technical Data

Wet-End Materials: Polypropylene, AISI 316, Aluminum, Bronze, Brass

Size Available: 1/2”, 1”, 1 ½”, 2”, 3”, 4”

Connections Available: male threaded, female threaded or hose connections

Opening System: Easy-Opening

Optional: Flanges Kit