Valves, Expansion Joints & Piping


AirTECH offers a full range of valves to meet your requests.

The main types that are available are the following: Check Valve (non-return), to use in suction side of the pumps to keep the pump primed in the case of negative suction or to prevent the emptying of the tank in case of positive suction; Relief Valve, to be installed in discharge side of the pumps to vent the flow when it exceeds the set pressure; Butterfly Valve, Ball Valve or Diaphragm Valve in order to open, close or regulate the flow in the piping

All of these valves are available with manual operation, pneumatic or electronic operation alternatively each others. Moreover AirTECH offers you a complete range of size starting from 1/2″ up to 4″ (including 1 “, 1 ½”, 2 “, 3”) and of construction materials both plastic as Polypropylene, PVC and PVDF, and metallic as AISI 316 also for sanitary applications.


Expansion Joints

The AirTECH Expansion Joints, also called Compensators of Vibrations, are a very useful accessory to apply to Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps.

Their use allows to reduce considerably the effect of the mechanical vibrations generated by the reciprocating motion of the diaphragms. In this way, the pumps can move freely and they can release these vibrations on the vibration damping feet, generating benefits also to the piping lines.

They are composed of a bellows (the standard is 3 convolutes, the others are available on request) stopped between two flanges (not in contact with the pumped liquid). Usually the bellow is made of PTFE or rubber depending on the application and the flanges are made of Carbon Steel, AISI 316 or Polypropylene depending on the plant requirement.

AirTECH offers a complete range starting from 1/2 ” up to 4 ” (including 1 “, 1 ½”, 2 “, 3”) in different designs and materials selected by our technical department for each type of fluid and application.


In order to fully satisfy the demands of our customers, AirTECH Pumps offers you a complete range of piping.

We can offer you a wide range of materials suitable for chemical products, abrasive liquids, food & pharma applications and more.

We are able to analyze with our Technical Team the fluid that you have to pump and we will give you the best piping material.